Those who are still yet to be named!

I started back at work yesterday which meant I didn’t have time to fit in a blog post (something I need to work on!) So seeing as I’m starting later today I’m going to take the time to introduce you to one of my own creations!

My final year project at uni focused on the use of light in design (which I wrote my dissertation on) and creating a fictional world. The reason I decided to go in this direction was because I was often criticised for taking a theme and being too literal with it, basically meaning I wasn’t being abstract enough! For example I was following the theme of animals and the final outcome looked like an animal, rather than being completely unrecognisable and having an extensive secret meaning to the piece. I don’t have anything against abstract designs and I understand the reasoning and criticism, but it’s just not my style.

So I decided that my only option to come up with a completely original design would be to create my own character and setting from scratch, doing no research whatsoever to make sure I wasn’t influenced by any designs, images or artists I may have come across! After many months of planning, drawing, tears and model making I finally began to construct my ideas in metal.

This ring is a copper and brass creature, set with magnifying glass for the eyes. The piece is hollow with a phosphorescent (glow in the dark) element. More work was done after these photographs were taken!

I will do a few more posts going into more detail about this project from the sketchbook to the final pieces but for now I just want to introduce you to my (sadly) un named creatures. Name suggestions happily welcomed!

Hanjipan x

20131213-125044 pm.jpg20131213-125108 pm.jpg


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