A quick update!

Christmas is over and it was very different this year! I’ve been thinking up a few resolutions for the new year and one of them will definitely be to keep making time to update my blog and be more productive. (As usual!)

So it was our first married Christmas and for the first time ever I spent Christmas Day away from my family, which was really odd but I still had a nice time! I got some really nice presents, including way too much chocolate and a Totoro onesie, but one of the best surprises was a new rotary tool and 400 piece set of attachments my dad got me! I have a Dremel that’s on it’s last legs which has been used many times, especially for polishing at 3am in the morning before a deadline! So I’m really pleased with this and am starting a wish list of all the tools I want for when I finally set a little workshop up.

I picked something up in the Marks and Spencer’s christmas sales which I really love! I’d been looking for one of these for a while but didn’t want to spend much, I enjoy constructing things and this decoration was easy to put together and looks the part! Especially with lights on!

Hanjipan x

20131229-114034 pm.jpg20131229-114048 pm.jpg


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