I built a house!

I thought id share a little something i made my mum as a christmas present because it’s too cute not to!

So whilst wedding planning we ended up going to a big wedding fayre at ice sheffield, most of the stalls were the same generic rammle that comes with weddings like stationary, suits, photographers and florists. But then we stumbled upon a new exciting stall that was just my style!

This stall was Smith and Huang a laser engraving company. On the stall were various wooden houses brightly painted and personalised, they were being advertised as post boxes! Straight away I put a deposit down for a house of our own, they were so different to anything else I just had to have one especially because it’s something personal you can keep forever!

So when it was made I went and picked up my beautiful house which was painted in the colours of our choice, it also featured a plaque with our names and wedding date as well as our names on the roof!

This is our house complete with fairy lights!20131230-064318 pm.jpg
When we were looking at the building process on Smith and Huang’s Facebook page, my mum mentioned how nice the houses look in their raw form before being painted and I agreed! So when I went to pick up my own house I decided to surprise her and get a kit to make her one of her own!

Each house is laser cut from wood and then all the pieces fit perfectly together, all that’s needed is a bit of glue. There are walls, window frames, doors and even tiny Perspex windows! It felt quite daunting at first (especially because I left it till Christmas Eve to make!) But I really enjoyed putting it together. I want to look into making more things like this I’m now imagining the most perfect dollhouse but maybe I should be thinking a little smaller to start!

Hanjipan x20131230-065159 pm.jpg20131230-065210 pm.jpg


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