Character creation.

I was stuck for what to draw today so my husband (James) set me a challenge, which was to answer a set of questions based around a character and then to draw it. So James is basically a massive geek. (Like me of course but in different ways!) He loves games, comics, books and writing but most of all D&D (dungeons and dragons) it’s actually really fun and he puts a hell of a lot of time into it, especially writing about the world his campaign is set in. It’s all still very confusing for me but easy to get into once you give it a go! His blog is Dead Edition if you want to check it out!

So anyway I couldn’t really think of much to answer the questions, because I’m not very good at creating “back stories” for characters. I decided to just draw instead and see what I came up with. All I know (or can remember) about my character is that it’s a female human called Raine, who uses magic and has a staff… Not a great deal to work with. It’s pretty rough id like to say it was a quick sketch, well the face and shoulders were, but I spent hours trying to get the arms and hands right, failed and then cropped it anyway!

I’ve never really spent much time drawing more than head and shoulders, so I definitely need to spend more time practising the less straight forward parts of the body! I’m going to focus on various faces and such for now though! It’s a lot less stressful!

Hanjipan x


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