Valentines Commission

It’s finally valentines day, which means i can show you all my very first commission! It was a big learning curve and i put a considerable amount of hours into it, i was never happy and kept changing my mind about how i wanted it to look. But once it was finished i was very pleased with the outcome and proud of myself considering I’ve never done anything like this before.

So how did it start? After seeing my drawings on Instagram  Elsa sent me a message asking if I’d be able to do her a personalised valentines card. I was scared but excited at the same time! The only requests Elsa had were that it would include her and her boyfriend Denham, and some fish because he works in aquatics and loves them!

I started drawing from the pictures Elsa sent me (not included in this post) and decided to include colour to give it more personality, which is not something i would normally do until now. I kept the colours quite neutral (rather than making it all pink and fluffy) and drew some cute fish in the background (my favourite being the axolotl of course!) I aimed for the couple to be the main focus.

After many mistakes and about 20 printed copies here is the lovely couple and their drawing. I would love to do some more do please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Hanjipan x






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