Is art still fun? Is Facebook worth it?

No. Well up until a few days ago it wasn’t. For a while I was struggling to find motivation to do anything creative, I felt like I was forcing myself to draw when I didn’t have any ideas and I wasn’t enjoying it. Works been really busy for a while now so I haven’t really bothered doing anything creative, I’d rather come home and sleep or rinse a new series on Netflix because I don’t have to use my brain to do it.

I always feel guilty though. I’m spending all my time doing something I don’t want to do and not making time to do something I love. I know that the majority of people are in the same situation as me and it’s really frustrating, but you obviously have to work towards your dream and that’s not something I’m currently doing.

I feel pressured to find my style, my thing, what particular area I’m good at. I feel like I can’t move forward until I do, but I need to stay motivated enough to get to the point where I can start feeling more confident. I’ve been ill for a few days now and have started being creative again due to being stuck in be. I’ve started drawing and sewing and making more of an effort because I want to.

As of now I’ve disconnected my blog from Facebook, for some reason I just don’t feel comfortable posting there, I do still have a page I would love people to like and follow but I think it’s more daunting when it’s people you know, especially when what you do gains the least interest there.

It’s time to do this for me, without any worries of what people are thinking. Does anyone else have these anxiety about Facebook pages, however big or small?

Hanjipan x


2 thoughts on “Is art still fun? Is Facebook worth it?

  1. Good for you Hannah go with what you feel happy about doing, no pressure to post or stress cos you can’t keep it going at a particular pace, post what you are happy with we will love it all the more

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