A well deserved update!

Hi everyone! I think its about time i did an update and hopefully I will be able to find more time to blog soon! I’m not very good at time keeping so now i need to focus on taking an hour every so often to update my blog as I’m getting busier! I want to be able to share more here than I do on my Instagram and Facebook so rather than just posting pictures I’ll be sharing sketches and ideas, the progression of my work and maybe even a few tutorials etc.

Recently I’ve been experimenting so I havent had much to show, but maybe I’ll do a little post about failed experiments because some of them are pretty bad! I have been remaking a few things for my shop and developing them, the standard of the work is a lot better now and I’m much happier!

So I’ve been focussing on my bunnies after receiving a lot of positive feedback. In fact I’m not sure if i ever got round to posting the original ones, so my next post will show the before and after of a few of my bunnies and softie cushions!

So here are the new designs I’ve added to my shop! What kind of bunnies would you like to see, all suggestions welcome!

Hanjipan x

IMG_3348 IMG_3355 IMG_3362 IMG_3367 IMG_3377